Courses Policies


This policy is to guarantee the right of the owners and also the right of people who paid for this course. 

Once it's confirmed that someone used or shared the material during the course, the administration has the FULL Right to cancel his registration.

If it's after the course, we will have the right to remove you from groups, and also the shared recorded sessions. 

Learn n’ Digital has the objective to make all the attendees satisfied, so if you decide not to complete a course or start the program, it can be refunded in case of cancellation.

In the case of cancellations  the refund policy will apply:

  • 2 days or more before course commencement: 100% of total fees refunded.


  • Less than 2 days before course commencement or attended one session : 80% of total fees refunded


  • Attended  two sessions : 50% of total fees refunded


  • More than 2 sessions attended: No refund.

It's forbidden to share the material with others, or use it for something else than just Learning. You can't use the material for personal courses, or share it with family and friends.

We reserve the right to suspend your course registration without refund if the Course Material (Video and ebooks) is shared with a third party. 

What's posted in the group is for you to use and learn from it, don't repost it or re-share it in other platforms or groups. 

You are not allowed to commercialize the content of our courses

It's strictly forbidden to use Learn n' Digital's courses content to give courses. Our material is for your personal benefit.