Advanced Digital Media Buying – Live Interactive

  • المستوي: Expert
  • الأقسام البرامج
  • المدة الزمنية 32h
  • Start Date Thursday, September 8, 2022
  • End Date Saturday, October 1, 2022


First, What does Live Interactive Course mean?

In this program, we will study the advanced techniques in performance strategy and targeting techniques.

Advanced Digital Media Buying is a program that will help you to achieve the fixed objectives and optimize the marketing efforts and budget, by learning how to make a strategy that will define target the right audience, with the right objective and learn how to measure the Ads performance to be able to optimize quickly. And also studying customers and analyzing their purchasing behavior, how to exploit market opportunities to increase the volume of your customers, and how to transform them from interested customers to real buyers.

How to make your target success on Facebook and Instagram!

How to plan for Google and YouTube! And how to make LinkedIn and Twitter a convenient way for marketing, all in advanced professional ways.

  • 32 Hours
  • 8 Lectures
  • 4 Hours / Lecture
  • Online
  • Language: Arabic

ماذا سوف أتعلم؟

  • Understand the brand and its objectives
  • Have an in-depth understanding of potential clients and how to take them from the awareness phase to conversion.
  • Learn how to determine the budget for ads, how to track and optimize results.
  • Using advanced targeting techniques in different platforms.
  • Using the Retargeting & Remarketing and A/B testing.
  • Target customers on all Social Media platforms in an advanced way
  • How A/B Testing works effectively.
  • Advanced Ad. Optimization
  • Plan for Google and YouTube campaigns.
  • Improving The AD Rank and Quality Score
  • Best Landing Page experience
  • Select keywords & Google trends search
  • Select the right platform to target your customers
  • Exploit Twitter and LinkedIn in B2B Marketing
  • Introduction to Tik Tok ads

موضوعات هذا الكورس


What is a Strategic Plan

How to set SMART objectives reflecting on your business needs
How to write Mission Statement & Vision
How to understand your Marketplace & SWOT Analysis
How to do Competitive Analysis
What is Inbound Marketing & How to use it

Who is your Ideal Target Audience & How to find it?

Media Plan

How to Create a Media Plan

Case Study

Facebook & Instagram Best Targeting Techniques

Planning Google & YouTube Campaigns

How To Market on LinkedIn & What is The B2B Best Targeting

How You can Find Your Customers on Twitter

Snapchat for Advertising for the New Generation

TikTok Introduction in ADS

Targeting Breakdown, Optimization & How to Set KPIs

Advanced - Media Buying
190.00 $

يشمل الآتي

  • Live Interactive
  • Recorded Sessions
  • PDF Materials


  • Laptop
  • Internet
  • Knowledge about Social Media Ads
  • Basic Knowledge of English Language

الجمهور المستهدف

  • People who work in digital marketing agencies.
  • Freelancers
  • Marketers
  • Media Buyers

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